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Photopek by Nik Pekridis

A wedding day is like no other. It is a photographer’s great honor to capture the wordless emotions that emerge while preparing for the anticipated nuptials. Every detail of the day- the fabric, the floral arrangements, the gowns, the tuxedos all enhancing the subtle looks between the bridal parties and the prideful glances of the family members. “I just love weddings. I feel all the joy, glamour and happiness of the day,” reflects Nik Pekridis, renowned internationally revered wedding photographer. After 25 years of professional experience, Nik has established himself as a visual artist, producing epic portraits for newlyweds around the globe. While each couple eagerly partakes in the moments of their big day, Nik never misses a beat. His creativity and eye for design sets him apart from traditional wedding photographers. His intuition and zest for love guides him to immortalize the moments no couple ever wants to forget.

Native to Greece, Nik is a 3rd generation wedding photographer. In such a melting pot of culture, beauty and architecture, Nik grew up immersed in the many ways one can find beauty by enhancing the positives of the subject in his or her surroundings. His style involves combining the elements of environmental portraiture with romantic undertones as well as editorial compositions. Nik passionately believes that a wedding should be a mixture of real moments, storytelling and stunningly beautiful images.

When asked to describe himself and his style, he replied, “I categorize myself mostly as an editorial and fashion photographer, who likes the romance and feelings of happiness at weddings. I take posed and candid shots, with a ratio of 80-20 in fashion shots.” In recent years, specifically after attending a 2007 Greek seminar from internationally known photographer, Yervant. Nik’s enthusiasm was even further ignited after this experience. He has since gone on to acquire many accolades and achievements. A member of many organizations and societies all over the world, Nik has has won many gold merits, first and second places and Accolades of Excellence at SWPP, WPPI and PWS conventions. In 2008, he was awarded best wedding photography in Northern Greece. In 2010, bestofweddingphotography recommended Nik as one of the 200 top photographers in the wedding World.


Ο Νίκος Πεκρίδης είναι φωτογράφος πάνω από 25 χρόνια, συνεχίζοντας μια οικογενειακή παράδοση που κρατεί από το 1945, 3 γενιές τώρα. Παρόλα αυτά όμως η μεγάλη στροφή πραγματοποιήθηκε όταν αποφάσισε ότι θα αφοσιώνονταν και θα αγαπούσε τον γάμο, ή θα σταματούσε. Έτσι το 2008 αφού παρακολουθεί αρκετά σεμινάρια στην Ελλάδα και το εξωτερικό, γίνεται μέλος σε society και οργανισμούς όπως η SWPP και η WPPI, σε πιο elite οργανισμούς που ελάχιστοι Έλληνες γίνονται δεκτοί, όπως το ISPWP καθώς επίσης προτείνεται το 2010 στου 500 κορυφαίους φωτογράφους γάμου στον κόσμο Παράλληλα, η συμμετοχή του σε διαγωνισμούς αποφέρει τις εξής διακρίσεις : 2008 - καλύτερη φωτογραφία γάμου στην Β.Ελλάδα
2008 - 8 χρυσά βραβεία στον Βρετανικό οργανισμό SWPP
2009 - Χρυσό βραβείο στο Λονδίνο SWPP Convention
2009 - Ένας από τους ελάχιστους Έλληνες μέλος του elite Αμερικάνικου ISPWP
2009 - μέλος του Αμερικάνικου WPPI
2010 - 2 Gold Merit Awards SWPP Convention in London
2010 - Γίνεται ο μόνος Έλληνας φωτογράφος με πιστοποίηση ASWPP στην κατηγορία γάμου σύμφωνα με τον οργανισμό SWPP & BPAA
2010 - Δύο χρυσά βραβεία – Accolade of Excellence – στο Las Vegas για το ετήσιο συνέδριο του WPPI
2010 - ο δεύτερος Έλληνας που προσκαλείτε στο Best Of Wedding Photographer


Nik Pekridis is the "real deal," an artist with his camera.
He's down to earth, very approachable, and gives terrific tips you will use for years. I liked the presentation sessions as much as the shooting set-ups.
It's obvious he loves his craft, inherited perhaps from generations of photographers in his family. And, he's a nice person as well.
Very useful, inspirational, and enjoyable!
Peter Johnson

"Guys and gals I have been on one of Niks workshops and all I will say, it was amazing. He really opened my eyes and re motivated me. I personally took so much back with me and have applied his skills that he has show me.
 My photography improved and my confidence with clients. He will teach you so much like how to see light and get the best out of any location.
 If you are looking to go on a workshop THIS is the one. You will love it and learn so much Amazing bud peeps you all really need to get ya self on this workshop I have said it many times Nik is amazing and he will inspire YOU to be the best.
 I have been on his workshop and I will say over night my photography and editing skill improved.
 Don't miss out get your name down"

Paul Tak-photography



I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the wonderful workshop you presented in San Antonio this weekend.  As a professional wedding photographer myself, I came to the workshop expecting to learn new tips and techniques to help my images.  What I came away with, however, was so much more!  Your insights into workflow, marketing and the general business aspects of wedding photography will transform my studio.  I am so excited to see my wedding photography business from an entirely new perspective.  Thank you!


I hope to keep in touch and see you when you come this way again.  Stay safe in your travels.


Very best regards,




Tony Gatlin, Owner

Strictly Art Photography

San Antonio, Texas

Rates of wedding photo coverage
The rates of shooting can be vary.Depending of the hour coverage,the people who works and the products you can get.
Be very caution when you meet into street market prices who looks "too good to be true".The "law" who said what you paid is what you get is usually active in wedding photography cover as well.
Think twice before you book your photographer.There is no way to repeat the "wedding day" and usually when you get the images is too late for tears. As far as i can know with my 30 year experience a general rule is to "spent" 7-12% of your wedding budget to your photographer-cinematographer coverage.
It will be unfair to spent a $$$$$ for your wedding dress,hair and make up and when you get the images will look just a white sheet and you like a clown cause bad photography.
Don't you agree that all what you get at the end of the day will be your images and the video?Of course there will be so many memories and joy and happy....But the memories start fade starting the day after.Instead your photos will start getting value at the same time and became invaluable. A friend of mine and a great wedding photographer said...."when something became invaluable tomorrow,don't you think should be expensive today? "

Our studio has a very reasonable prices starting from 700eur for 2 hours coverage just for the photography and can go up to 10000 on our most "exclusive" package who include almost everything. Please don't hesitate to contact with us to and arrange a meeting in person or skype for your day.
We will be more than happy to listen to you and discuss,suggest and propose ideas and ways to make your day even more memorable and fantastic

Νίκος Πεκρίδης | Nik Pekridis


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